For process adjustment in closed-loop systems without a secondary pressure relief valve, AURA EXH Series regulators deliver 6,000 psi from a test bench or controlling Haskel pump output.  For strut charging or regulating breathing air, AURA’S encapsulated seat offers positive and negative seat stroke control to extend the life of regulators in high-cycle applications.

AURA model EXH incorporates roller bearings to minimize the adjustment force. The EXC Series regulators are ultra compact to minimize weight and footprint, and ideal for breathing air applications. With rugged seat and piston-sensed designs, the AURA line is the ideal choice for aerospace engineers.

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AURA gas controls are used in instrument control panels,   point-of-use, and main pipeline applications.  Whether regulating gases as part of a carbide-deposition process or carbon dioxide to a wastewater treatment plant, AURA gas controls consistently deliver desired amounts.

Both high flow ½”-ported EXF and the ¼”-ported EX1 are a good choice in corrosive environments where durability is at a premium. Chemical compatibility is simple with the selection from several of the PTFE family of seat materials. Process control is simplified by selecting the appropriate flow coefficient (Cv).  These advantages make AURA the choice of many chemical engineers today.

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Photovoltaic technology converting sunlight into electricity is emerging as a major power source because of proven reliability and today’s demand for green technology. Photovoltaic materials are currently produced via traditional crystal growth and silicon wafer processes similarly found in semiconductor manufacturing. SEMI M6 provides standards for wafer production.

Alternatively, photovoltaic films can be produced utilizing thin film deposition processes. A solar cell’s absorbent layer or solar power conversion portion is constructed of Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide material produced via thermal evaporation.

AURA EX1 and EXH gas controls provide the surface finish and process control to maintain high yield production. In addition, the EXS sub-atmospheric regulator provides superior vacuum control. AURA gas controls continually evolve with new developments in the photovoltaic industry.

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Whether delivering EPA protocol calibration standards to a CEMS, pressurizing the oil bath in a transformer, or conducting a dissolved gas analysis in the oil itself, AURA gas controls deliver steady pressure control with features like a dual plane stainless diaphragm.

AURA model EX2 can be configured and tested at the factory to minimize secondary labor while improving supply chain inefficiencies. Front or rear panel mounting simplifies installation. Patented encapsulated filtration make the AURA series a preferred choice among engineers for reliable performance.

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OEM Device Manufacturing

AURA gas controls has partnered successfully with companies in CEMS integration and medical device manufacturing.

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Oil and Gas

Whether using nitrogen at 5,000 psi or higher to conduct soil compaction tests or pulling a sample from a hydrocarbon well head for analysis, AURA gas controls maintain sample integrity with high surface finishes and leak rates as low as 1*10-9 He cc/s.

AURA’s EXV models are designed to maintain a homogeneous single-gas phase of large organic calibration standards or samples. These standards are stable above certain temperatures that can be compromised while encountering a pressure drop across a valve. The EXV electrical series can be precisely adjusted to the necessary temperature allowing consistent results in trace sulfurs, chlorides or PH3 analysis, making AURA controls a good choice among hydrocarbon engineers.

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Whether delivering reactants in the production of immune system medications or nitrogen blanketing of deferasirox used by patients to remove excess iron after a blood transfusion, AURA EXH high-flow gas controls maintain purity of the gas or reactant stream.

The large dual plane diaphragm delivers steady pressure control at flow rates up to 2,800 lpm. Process gas or liquid purity is maintained by the high surface finish on all whetted areas. AURA gas controls are also used in the development or pilot plant phase of pharmaceutical development and are a safe choice for chemical engineers and research scientists.

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