Constructed of the highest quality industrial materials, each AURA device is individually tested under extreme conditions to meet your most demanding needs. 

Headquartered in the United States with facilities in South America, Europe and Asia, AURA Gas Controls is a perfect partner for delivering solutions on time and under budget to locations worldwide

Highlighting what the company brings to the marketplace, the AURA name comes from mythological goddess Titan, the spirit of fresh air.  AURA strives to refresh and energize the gas controls industry with innovative technology and procedural solutions:

  • As standard practice, products are cleanroom-assembled for oxygen service as part of a rigorous manufacturing process.
  • AURA solutions benefit from lean manufacturing, concurrent engineering,  and time-honored customer-first prioritization.
  • The heart of AURA’s reliability is its encapsulated seat design of  regulators.  The first of its kind in the instrumentation and process industry, the encapsulated seat works to filter particles and debris causing seat failure and unnecessary downtime.
  • AURA’s commitment to find the better way allows for superior reliability and performance.
  • Solutions, standard or custom, are designed, built, and delivered under an ISO 9000-2008 environment.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement ensures that AURA solutions meet or exceed your expectation in quality and reliability. AURA products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Dedication to quality, innovation, and delivery make AURA the right choice when selecting a gas control partner for instrumentation and sampling and process applications in the aerospace, energy, chemicals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • AURA’s primary concern is your success.  Solutions strive to eliminate secondary labor, enabling you to focus on your core competencies and strengths.
  • Together with exclusive distribution partners, AURA seeks to eliminate supply chain inefficiencies, burdensome inventory, and poor cash flow.
Success only occurs upon delivering value to you. Thank you for considering AURA Gas Controls




AURA Gas Controls
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