AURA Design Advantages


Product Customization

• Wide array of porting configurations
• Custom modifications to existing products
• New product engineering to exact specifications


Encapsulated Seat Design

• Ease of maintenance
• 10-micron 360° filter eliminates impurities from all inlet ports
• Orifice size and seat material options ensure ideal performance



Precision Manufacturing

• Metal to metal seals enable 1x10-9 He cc/sec leak integrity
• Surface finishes of 4-25 Ra reduce corrosion
• Low internal volume minimizes dead space



Lifetime Warranty

AURA offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on all its products to be free from functional defects in materials and workmanship. AURA’s warranty is one of the best in the industry.


Accurate Assembly and Rigorous Testing

• Regulators 100% Helium leak checked
• Cleanroom assembly and O2 cleaning
• Multiple flow and function tests as a complete assembly.


Superior Service

• Lead times in days vs. weeks
• Same day shipping available
• Applications assistance and training from gas industry experts.




AURA Gas Controls
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